EcoJet adds another Avro RJ85

EcoJet Avro RJ85 CP-3082

EcoJet Avro RJ85 CP-3082 returns to Cranfield after her first, abortive, departure on 26 May (Alistair Henderson)

Bolivia’s EcoJet is adding another Avro RJ85 to its fleet. The newest addition is former Brussels Airlines RJ85 CP-3082 (msn E2292 ex G-CHDT, ex OO-DJS), who had been stored at Cranfield since June 2016, and before that at Southend. Still wearing basic Brussels Airlines colors, she departed Cranfield for Bolivia on 26 May, but got no further than Manchester, returning to Cranfield with an avionics problem. She left again the following day, routing via Keflavik.

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