Executive Jet Support acquires former Starbow BAe 146 for parts 1

Former Starbow BAe 146-300 D-AEJS

Former Starbow BAe 146-300 D-AEJS at Köln on 6 June (Ralf Winter)

Aircraft and component broker Executive Jet Support (EJS) has acquired former Starbow BAe 146-300 D-AEJS (msn E3183 ex 9G-SBC) as a source for parts. Executive Jet Support, based near London Heathrow, provides commercial aircraft, engines, and airframe components to almost 200 operators in over 40 countries worldwide. German airline WDL has already purchased the main landing gear from D-AEJS, which it needs as a replacement for the gear on its own 146-200 D-AMGL (msn E2055). 9G-SBC had been at Cranfield since June 2016. She underwent a C Check, but then was parked on the airfield rather than returning to Ghana. Starbow eventually procured an Avro RJ100 to replace her. While she was parked, her number 4 engine was struck by a vehicle on 1 August, but the damage was repaired. She was noted wearing the registration D-AEJS in early May. EJS ferried her from Cranfield to Köln on 3 June — most likely her last flight ever. WDL will part her out on EJS’s behalf, and EJS will market the parts.

[updated 2017-06-12 to correct details on role of Executive Jet Support]

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One thought on “Executive Jet Support acquires former Starbow BAe 146 for parts

  • Rob McManus

    I can confirm Executive Jet Support aquired the aircraft but we are actaully breaking for spares at WDL. THe MLG’s are sold but rest of aircraft is available for spares. My contact details are : rob@ejs.aero.
    If you require further information, then please let me know?