Qinetiq Avro RJ70 receives military serial

Qinetiq Avro RJ70 QQ102

Qinetiq Avro RJ70 QQ102 on approach at Boscombe Down (Tony Guest)

The Avro RJ70 that Qinetiq Ltd operates on behalf of the Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS) has finally received its military serial. Qinetiq acquired Avro RJ70 G-BVRJ (msn E1254) from Malmö Aviation in 2012. After a period of storage and a C check at Boscombe Down, she was flown for a time in an all-white scheme. The ETPS scheme was applied in early 2014, but she retained her civil registration. She remained in this scheme, flying only occasionally, until recently. The military roundel and serial were applied during May, and her civil registration was cancelled on 20 June.

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