Avro RJ70 for TAM reaches Cochabamba

Avro RJ70 FAB-107

Avro RJ70 FAB-107 departs Southend on 6 August on her flight to Bolivia (Keith Burton)

Avro RJ70 FAB-107 (msn E1252) arrived in Cochabamba on 14 August on delivery to Bolivia’s Transporte Aéreo Militar (TAM), almost a month after her planned arrival of 15 July. Her journey proved an eventful one, as she suffered the aches and pains of returning to the air after more that six years on the ground. She was supposed to depart Bacău on 11 July, but did not in fact leave until 15 July. What was planned as a brief stop at Southend then turned into a stay of several weeks, as additional maintenance was carried out. She finally left on 6 August, flying first to Keflavik, then to Goose Bay, and on Yarmouth. The following day she flew to Bermuda and was supposed to continue to Lamentin, Martinique. However, after 45 minutes she diverted back to Bermuda. She managed to depart on 10 August and made it to Lamentin, but then ended up having to remain there several days, before finally being able to proceed to Cochabamba. TAM will use her to obtain certification from civil aviation authorities as TAM-Empresa Pública. The airline was supposed to have begun operating as a civil airline by 30 June, but has recently received yet another deadline extension, to the end of the year.

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