Astra Airlines BAe 146 flies for NextJet 1

Astra BAe 146-300 SX-DIZ

Astra BAe 146-300 SX-DIZ taxies to the terminal at Stockholm Arlanda after completing a NextJet flight (Backa Erik Eriksson)

Astra Airlines BAe 146-300 SX-DIZ (E3206) has left the sunny skies of the Greek islands for the decidedly colder winter skies of Sweden. Beginning 8 January, it is operating on behalf of Sweden’s NextJet, flying twice daily from Stockholm Arlanda to Örnsköldsvik and on to Gällivare, in northern Sweden. NextJet had planned to lease a 148-seat Boeing 737 to operate the route, but at the last minute switched to the 110-seat BAe 146, which is better sized for the markets. SX-DIZ positioned to Arlanda in the afternoon of 8 January, and then immediately operated the first flight up to Örnsköldsvik and on to Gällivare as 2N 3106. She will overnight there, then retrace her steps early the following morning as 2N 3101. In 2010, NextJet had announced that it would lease an Avro RJ85 to launch services from Stockholm Bromma to London City, but nothing came of the plan.

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One thought on “Astra Airlines BAe 146 flies for NextJet

  • Mike Clayton

    Hallo Stefano
    Just visited > Nextjet = 2N/NTJ website & got this route map. On 20180111.
    Unfortunately, this means something may be amiss.
    No such sked as: /ARN – /OER – /GEV detailed. In fact, /ARN – /GEV – /ARN is listed as a stand-alone route. Have a look yourself & let’s see if together we can determine what’s happening, or what has just happened, what has not been updated!
    In aviontology – as always
    Mike Clayton
    Mike Clayton