Newest Cobham Avro RJ100 enters service

Cobham Avro RJ100 VH-NJE

Resplendent in her Cobham colors, Avro RJ100 VH-NJE lands at Adelaide on 28 March (Ryan Hothersall)

Australia’s Cobham Aviation Services has placed Avro RJ100 VH-NJE (msn E3384) into service. She had been delivered in January, but required maintenance before she could enter service. After a flight test from Adelaide on 18 March, she was positioned to Perth later that day. Her first service was on Cobham’s service to Barrow Island on 29 March, as NC1994/1995. Meanwhile, newly arrived BAe 146-300QT VH-NJI (msn E3154) has begun maintenance, while 146-100QC VH-NJV (msn E1002), who had loaned an aileron to VH-NJI to enable her to complete her ferry flight, has recovered her aileron and returned to service on 20 March.

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