Canadian RJ100s fly to the UK for maintenance

North Cariboo Air Avro RJ100 C-FSUA

North Cariboo Air Avro RJ100 C-FSUA after her delayed arrival at Cranfield (Alistair Henderson)

Two Canadian Avro RJ100s were recently flown to the United Kingdom for maintenance. Summit Air RJ100 C-FXRJ (msn E3301) arrived first, departing Edmonton on 30 March and arriving at Cranfield the following day. On 10 April, North Cariboo Air‘s RJ100 C-FSUA (msn E3373) departed Calgary to follow her across the Atlantic. However, bad weather forced her to divert to Manchester on 11 April. She finally made it into Cranfield on 13 April. Both RJ100s are being attended by Avalon Aero.

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