Aviro Air BAe 146 leaves Italy

Aviro Air BAe 146-300 YR-AVR

Aviro Air BAe 146-300 YR-AVR at Rotterdam on 22 August (André Wadman)

Aviro Air has relocated its BAe 146 from Italy following a series of problems with the broker that was arranging its flights. The problems resulted in embarassing incidents, including a group of pilgrims returning from a visit to Medjugorie being stranded at Dubrovnik airport for over a day in late July because airport fees hadn’t been paid. The airline eventually gave up and flew 146-300 YR-AVR (msn E3193) back to its home base at Bucuresti’s Baneasa Airport on 13 August — although this resulted in another round of negative publicity from travelers whose vacations were disrupted. A week later, she found new work flying charters in northern Europe, visiting Graz, Glasgow, Wien, Rotterdam, and Bilbao. She then returned to Baneasa on 24 August.

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