Second Conair RJ85 air tanker arrives in Australia

A second Conair Avro RJ85 air tanker has flown to Australia to help fight fires during the southern hemisphere’s summer fire season. Previous years had seen a single RJ85 air tanker operating in Australia. C-GVFT/Tanker 166 (msn E2253) departed Abbotsford on 16 October, routing via Oakland, Honolulu, Majuro, and Honiara, and reaching Australia on 20 October. She was christened “Hunter”, and will operate from Dubbo, in the state of New South Wales. She joins Tanker 165 (msn E2268), who has already been in Australia for two months. A third RJ85 air tanker, N366AC/Tanker 163 (msn E2288), is also scheduled to join them shortly.

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