RJ85 air tanker switches states and number

Conair‘s Avro RJ85 air tanker C-GFVK (msn E2268), who has been operating in New South Wales as Tanker 165 Boomer, is moving to neighboring Victoria, where she will operate as Tanker 391. Boomer had been operating for the NSW Rural Fire Service since September, but was loaned to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services for some time in late November. The arrival of N366AC/Tanker 163 Rocky (msn E2288) at the end of November freed Boomer to relocate to Victoria. After receiving her new tanker number and appropriate Emergency Management Victoria stickers, she was ferried to Avalon for her new assignment. Rocky and C-GVFT/Tanker 166 Hunter (msn E2253) will continue to operate in New South Wales.

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