More Neptune BAe 146 air tankers activated

Neptune Aviation BAe 146 air tanker T-12

Neptune Aviation BAe 146 air tanker T-12 seen at Oshkosh during her brief stay (Eric Page Lu)

More of Neptune Aviation‘s BAe 146 air tankers have been activated, bringing to six the number of tankers currently in service. T-40 (msn E2049) was supposed to participate in the AirVenture airshow in Oshkosh, but on the morning of her scheduled departure she was activated and instead of flying east to Wisconsin, she headed west to California. (T-40 had already been active earlier in the year, but had returned to Neptune’s base at Missoula on 24 June.) T-12 (msn E2196) was then prepped to replace T-40 at Oshkosh, where she arrived on 22 July. Her stay proved very brief, however, as she too was activated, departing for Fresno, California, on 24 July. T-41 (msn E2136) was also activated, and dispatched to Boise, Idaho. They join T-16 (msn E2074), T-15 (msn E2103), and T-01 (msn E2045).

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