Indonesia government Avro RJ85 returns to service

Indonesian Government's VIP-configured Avro RJ85 PK-PJJ at Pondok Cabe

The Indonesian Government’s VIP-configured Avro RJ85 PK-PJJ at Pondok Cabe (Arvin Lienardi)

The Indonesian government’s VIP-configured Avro RJ85, PK-PJJ (msn E2239), has returned to service. She had been parked at Jakarta Halim in May, with titles and logo removed. This appears to have been a temporary rather than a permanent halt to flying. She was noted at Pondok Cabe on 31 July once again sporting the Indonesian flag on the tail, and then on 3 August she made a roundtrip flight to eastern Indonesia. The RJ85 is operated by the Indonesian Air Force’s 17 Squadron.

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