WDL flies Adria’s last services

WDL Aviation‘s BAe 146-200 D-AMGL (msn E2055) operated Adria’s last services on 29 September. Liquidity problems forced Adria to suspend most of its flights on 24 September. The airline only operated a single service, to Frankfurt, home of its Star Alliance partner Lufthansa. With most of its aircraft having been repossessed by their lessors, Adria once again turned to WDL. Earlier this year, both D-AZFR (msn E2108) and D-AWUE (msn E2050) had operated for the Slovenian airline. This time, it was D-AMGL’s turn, so that all three WDL 146s have flown for Adria. D-AMGL, who had just completed a series of flights on behalf of Air France, positioned to Ljubljana on the afternoon of 24 September, and operated JP125 to Frankfurt that evening. On the following day, she operated the return service to Ljubljana as JP124, then returned home. She was called back the next day, however, and flew two more roundtrips from Ljubljana to Frankfurt on 26 and 27 September, and then once again returned home. With Adria hanging on by its fingernails, D-AMGL was called back in the next day, and flew two more roundtrips from Ljubljana to Frankfurt on 28 and 29 September. The latter proved to be Adria’s finally service ever, as the airline shut down completely. The last ever flight to sport a JP call number was D-AMGL’s ferry flight back Köln as JP4002, which left Ljubljana just before midnight on 29 September.

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