Second WDL BAe 146-200 ferried to Australia

The second of two BAe 146-200s that Pionair has acquired from WDL Aviation has been ferried to Australia. D-AWUE (msn E2050) left WDL’s base at Köln on 21 November. He route followed that taken by sistership D-AZFR (msn E2108) earlier this month, except that she used Colombo’s main airport in Sri Lanka. She arrived in Bankstown on 24 November. Originally built as a VIP aircraft for Indonesia’s president, in Pionair service she will once again be configured in a VIP configuration, with 48 seats. WDL is now left with a single 146, D-AMGL (msn E2055), which will fly on until a C check comes due in mid-December.

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