Starbow Airlines


Starbow Airlines Avro RJ100 9G-SBE

Starbow Airlines Avro RJ100 9G-SBE prior to delivery (Graham Reeve)

Starbow Airlines began operations in September 2011, with two BAe 146-300s acquired from Falko. A third series 300 was acquired in 2012, and when its delivery was delayed another was leased in. A series 200 was also added in late 2012. The airline parked its first series 300 in 2013, and the series 200 in 2014. Another series 300 was damaged in a landing accident at Tamale in 2015, leaving the airline with a single series 300, which was replaced in 2016 with an Avro RJ100. However, the airline suspended operations in November 2017 following a landing accident to a newly-delivered ATR72, and shortly thereafter shut down entirely.

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