Falko introduces its management team and announces first deals

Falko Regional Aircraft Ltd, which took over BAE Systems’ asset management business and its portfolio of regional aircraft in July, introduced its management team at a media event on 4 August. All are current or past Asset Management employees, including Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Barnes, Executive Vice President Paul Stirling […]

Romavia resumes BAe 146 operations

Romanian BAe 146 operator Romavia has rejoined the ranks of BAe 146 operators. The airline had ended its loss-making commercial operations in October 2010 and returned its pair of BAe 146-200s (YR-BEA msn E2227 and YR-BEC msn E2062) off-lease to BAE Systems. The airline has now once again taken YR-BEC […]

Romavia BAe 146 YR-BEC

Romavia BAe 146 YR-BEA

Romavia ends commercial operations

Romanian BAe 146 operator Romavia ended commercial operations with its pair of BAe 146-200s, YR-BEA (msn E2227) and YR-BEC (msn E2062) in October. A pair of football charters were among the last services flown, with YR-BEA flying Romania’s Under-21 team to Norwich for a game against England on 8 October, […]

Romavia again flying for Carpatair

Romanian BAe 146 operator Romavia is once again operating BAe 146-200 YR-BEC (msn E2062) on behalf of Romanian regional airline Carpatair, with small Carpatair titles added to Romavia’s colors. The lease began in early May, and is scheduled to run through the summer. YR-BEC is used primarily on flights to […]

Romavia BAe 146 YR-BEC flying for Carpatai